It is FREE to signing up with Temp Care and there is no obligation. 

We bill by the hour (4 hour minimum) and you only pay for the hours that the
​substitute actually works at your center.

Why Choose Our Staff?

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide early childhood substitutes for licensed childcare centers so that they may maintain quality childcare services within their facility.

• Flexibility

Whenever you need them, Temp Care and our childcare professionals will be there. We know how being short staffed in a moment’s notice can lead to unforeseen chaos in your day. Let us help you cover vacations, sick days, family emergencies, and meetings. We offer substitutes from four hours to ongoing assignments (months). ​

• Reduce Administration & Paperwork

Temp Care can reduce your administrative work by taking care of much of the paperwork and documentation of hiring new workers. Each childcare professional comes to your preschool with the paperwork necessary to meet licensing regulations.​

• Cost Control

The costs of hiring can be expensive. Listing jobs, going through applications, and interviewing potential workers takes time and money that might be better used elsewhere. Let Temp Care take care of these tasks and send you workers when you need them. When you don’t need them, you won’t worry about keeping them around on your payroll and you don’t have to worry about paying worker’s compensation for them.

• Reduce Training Costs & Time

Recruiting staff can be difficult and time consuming. Our childcare professionals are prescreened before any hiring decisions are made. Prescreening consists of: pre-employment evaluation, criminal record check, FBI fingerprinting, child abuse index check, health & TB screening, vaccinations, education and training verifications. Professionals meet licensing requirements under Title 22. All of our substitutes are required to carry with them to every assignment a file with all of their documents. We can also fax or email an electronic file. 

Temp Care Staffing