Temp Care Staffing

Why Join Our Team?

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide early childhood substitutes for licensed childcare centers so that they may maintain quality childcare services within their facility.

Temp Care recruits and places substitutes (teachers, assistant teachers, and teacher’s
aides) in programs ranging from infant centers through afterschool programs, Temp
Care serves many different types of facilities - public, private, county-funded,
​state-funded or federally-funded – on a daily bases.

Why Temp Care?

Temp Care Childcare staffing is devoted only to the child care field. We places teachers at assignments each day, and is uniquely able to provide you with the child care job you want. Temp Care wants prospective employees to have a great start into the childcare field as well as the support to help make child care a career.

Temp Care offers excellent pay and a full supplement for its employees such as:

  • Reimbursement for miles Jobs in your area, to your preferences

  • Experience to different types of programs

  • Schedule flexibility from week-to-week

  • Part-time or full-time assignments

  • Referrals advantages

Q. Do you guarantee hours?
A. TC cannot guarantee the number of hours, as this 
is depends on the combination of assignments, qualifications and, your availability and flexibility in terms of accepting assignments. The more flexibility you are in your travel range and hours, the better your odds will be of receiving constant work.

Q. What is the pay?
A. The pay is completive for the field. A TC Recruiter can give you further details during your interview.

Q. Is there an application fee?
A. No, you do not pay any fee to TC for applying. But, there are certain state requirements making you eligible for work that you will need to pay to State agencies and medical institutions. A TC Recruiter can give you precise information about these fees.

Q. Are Early Childhood Education units are a requirement?
A. No, but are recommended for growth in the field. A TC Recruiter can give you further details about classes during your interview.

Q. Do I have to change diapers?
A. It is important that the schools can rely on you for help and that includes changing diapers if the school requires it.